Benefits of the OA Troop Representative Program

The Order of the Arrow Troop Representatives are an important link for communication between the Chapters, Lodge and Troops. Below is a description of who benefits from the program.


  • With the Troop Representative as a liaison between the Order of the Arrow and the troop or team, the camp promotions process will be smoother, leading to greater numbers of Scouts at summer camp.
  • Creates a vehicle to strengthen the ties between the OA and the individual BSA troop. This will help with the retention of the older Scouts.
  • With the organization of service projects, Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts will be seen actively helping others in their communities.


  • With an easier camp promotions process, the lodge can increase the number of units visited, increasing the effectiveness of this program in the Council.
  • Eases the unit election process by having a person in the troop whose job is to ensure that elections are held.
  • With positive OA leadership on the unit level, lodges will experience greater membership retention and higher Brotherhood conversion rates
  • A Unit’s OA members will have someone to organize transportation to OA events, increasing attendance at chapter/lodge functions.


  • The coordination of the OA calendar with that of troop will prevent OA members from having to choose between OA functions and unit events
  • With the organization of service projects, there will be greater opportunity for community service hours that are required for rank advancement.
  • Experienced Arrowmen from other units who may be able to share their knowledge can be sought out by the OA Representative to augment the troop program.

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