Congratulations! The below listed Scouts and Scouters have been selected by their units to become members of the Order of the Arrow in 2020. The Order of the Arrow is Scouting's National Honor Society. It recognizes those Scouts and Scouters who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives and seeks to encourage those members to conduct themselves in a manner that justifies receiving this honor. In addition, the Order focuses on leadership development and programs to support Scouting, while striving to instill in all its members a spirit of cheerful service.

2020 Candidate Letter – Click Here  

2020 Ma-Nu Lodge Spring Experience (Candidate Induction) – POSTPONED
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a Tentaroo Login to register for events. Should you have any questions or require help, please email the lodge at manu@manu133.org. 
First Initial Last Name Unit Type Unit Num. Chapter
A Alexander Troop 78 Woapalanne (EA)
F Aragon Troop 226 Woapalanne (EA)
E Baker Troop 180 Netami (SO)
N Bales Troop 6275 Big Tepee (BT)
E Barker Troop 6079 Woapalanne (EA)
R Barua Troop 94 Woapalanne (EA)
W Beasley Troop 177 Woapalanne (EA)
C Bell Troop 349 Woapalanne (EA)
K Berry Troop 291 Netami (SO)
T Bidelspach Troop 180 Netami (SO)
X Bidelspach Troop 180 Netami (SO)
B Bishop Troop 479 Woapalanne (EA)
C Bollman Troop 180 Netami (SO)
B Bowden Troop 177 Woapalanne (EA)
J Bowden Troop 177 Woapalanne (EA)
P Boyles Troop 180 Netami (SO)
M Brady Troop 479 Woapalanne (EA)
C Brence Troop 485 Allogagan (CV)
A Bucher Troop 4008 Sekettummaqua (BB)
J Bull Troop 4434 Nuh Ma Nuh (CT)
W Burden Troop 4176 Sekettummaqua (BB)
R Campbell Troop 461 Allogagan (CV)
JA Carter Troop 21 Woapalanne (EA)
JE Carter Troop 21 Woapalanne (EA)
M Caudill Troop 94 Woapalanne (EA)
B Choate Troop 426 Allogagan (CV)
E Choate Troop 426 Allogagan (CV)
SA Choate Troop 426 Allogagan (CV)
ST Choate District 9 Allogagan (CV)
Z Clary Troop 17 Netami (SO)
M Conrad Troop 4173 Sekettummaqua (BB)
CA Cook Troop 177 Woapalanne (EA)
CO Cook Troop 177 Woapalanne (EA)
J Cook Troop 121 Woapalanne (EA)
G Corbin Troop 121 Woapalanne (EA)
R Corbin Troop 121 Woapalanne (EA)
H Croak Troop 121 Woapalanne (EA)
E Crouch Troop 300 Oologah (WR)
H Damani Troop 365 Oologah (WR)
P Damani Troop 365 Oologah (WR)
A Daniels Troop 4173 Sekettummaqua (BB)
B Davis Troop 4434 Nuh Ma Nuh (CT)
S Dyer Troop 485 Allogagan (CV)
A Edmondson Troop 850 Woapalanne (EA)
A Ellis Troop 355 Mekekek Eheliwsikakunk (WP)
T Ellis Troop 355 Mekekek Eheliwsikakunk (WP)
C Emrich Troop 89 Woapalanne (EA)
J Erb Troop 177 Woapalanne (EA)
Z Estlinbaum Troop 226 Woapalanne (EA)
A Evans Troop 275 Big Tepee (BT)
M Evans Troop 180 Netami (SO)
BRI Fair Troop 75 Netami (SO)
BRY Fair Troop 75 Netami (SO)
S Fair Troop 300 Oologah (WR)
K Farris Troop 6275 Big Tepee (BT)
T Flanagan Troop 389 Oologah (WR)
D Ford Troop 850 Woapalanne (EA)
L Fortunato Troop 6424 Allogagan (CV)
M Fox Troop 17 Netami (SO)
W Freiberg Troop 121 Woapalanne (EA)
J Frye Troop 78 Woapalanne (EA)
N Gaines Troop 6424 Allogagan (CV)
C Gill Troop 78 Woapalanne (EA)
L Glendening Troop 21 Woapalanne (EA)
A Gonzalez Troop 4176 Sekettummaqua (BB)
B Griffin Troop 461 Allogagan (CV)
W Griffin Troop 234 Netami (SO)
A Griffith Troop 485 Allogagan (CV)
G Hager Troop 234 Netami (SO)
K Harris Troop 6275 Big Tepee (BT)
D Harty Troop 4434 Nuh Ma Nuh (CT)
J Hawkins Troop 408 Allogagan (CV)
T Hays Troop 79 Woapalanne (EA)
J Heitz Troop 217 Netami (SO)
J Hennesey Troop 20 Netami (SO)
F Herman Troop 6275 Big Tepee (BT)
G Hibson District 17 Nuh Ma Nuh (CT)
L Hibson Troop 4434 Nuh Ma Nuh (CT)
C Hickman Troop 4173 Sekettummaqua (BB)
D Hixson Troop 121 Woapalanne (EA)
J Horton Troop 121 Woapalanne (EA)
L Horton Troop 79 Woapalanne (EA)
J Hukill Troop 6001 Woapalanne (EA)
C Jackson Troop 226 Woapalanne (EA)
T Johle Troop 4008 Sekettummaqua (BB)
T Joy Troop 553 Oologah (WR)
L Kasulis Troop 349 Woapalanne (EA)
N Keller Troop 217 Netami (SO)
S Kerl Troop 275 Big Tepee (BT)
J Knox Troop 121 Woapalanne (EA)
O Kover Troop 77 Woapalanne (EA)
CA Lamb Troop 20 Netami (SO)
CH Lamb Troop 20 Netami (SO)
J Lanier Troop 121 Woapalanne (EA)
R Leiser Troop 77 Woapalanne (EA)
I Lengel Troop 9175 Sekettummaqua (BB)
J Lent Troop 177 Woapalanne (EA)
A Locke Troop 4417 Nuh Ma Nuh (CT)
J Lorenz Troop 275 Big Tepee (BT)
D Love Troop 408 Allogagan (CV)
S Love Troop 408 Allogagan (CV)
A Lujan Troop 122 Big Tepee (BT)
W Lujan Troop 122 Big Tepee (BT)
H Martin Troop 4173 Sekettummaqua (BB)
JA Martin Troop 217 Netami (SO)
JO Martin Troop 4173 Sekettummaqua (BB)
T Martyn Troop 355 Mekekek Eheliwsikakunk (WP)
F McCall Troop 94 Woapalanne (EA)
I McCasland Troop 78 Woapalanne (EA)
M McCasland Troop 78 Woapalanne (EA)
J McChesney Troop 177 Woapalanne (EA)
M McCoy Troop 349 Woapalanne (EA)
A Mcfarland Troop 4434 Nuh Ma Nuh (CT)
K McFarland Troop 4434 Nuh Ma Nuh (CT)
M McGee Troop 4173 Sekettummaqua (BB)
N McGouran Troop 4434 Nuh Ma Nuh (CT)
F Meyer Troop 6275 Big Tepee (BT)
S Millar Troop 217 Netami (SO)
C Mitscher Troop 234 Netami (SO)
M Mitscher Troop 234 Netami (SO)
J Moler Troop 77 Woapalanne (EA)
M Morris Troop 89 Woapalanne (EA)
J Mosier Troop 417 Allogagan (CV)
L Murphy Troop 365 Oologah (WR)
A Newby Troop 9175 Sekettummaqua (BB)
W Norvelle Troop 6424 Allogagan (CV)
C Oaks Richter Troop 4173 Sekettummaqua (BB)
A Parson Troop 121 Woapalanne (EA)
E Payne Troop 355 Mekekek Eheliwsikakunk (WP)
J. CHA Peacock Troop 4434 Nuh Ma Nuh (CT)
J. CHR Peacock Troop 4434 Nuh Ma Nuh (CT)
S Peacock Troop 4434 Nuh Ma Nuh (CT)
L Peck Troop 479 Woapalanne (EA)
K Pillow Troop 21 Woapalanne (EA)
C Price Troop 1 Woapalanne (EA)
J Prudhome Troop 553 Oologah (WR)
J Pryor Troop 89 Woapalanne (EA)
K Raines Troop 485 Allogagan (CV)
T Raines Troop 485 Allogagan (CV)
L Riedel Troop 177 Woapalanne (EA)
J Riester Troop 219 Netami (SO)
A Rinish Troop 408 Allogagan (CV)
F Risch Troop 217 Netami (SO)
D Rodriguez Troop 4173 Sekettummaqua (BB)
J Rossiter Troop 1 Woapalanne (EA)
W Sanders Troop 121 Woapalanne (EA)
C Schaal Troop 4008 Sekettummaqua (BB)
B Schafer Troop 417 Allogagan (CV)
P Schafer Troop 417 Allogagan (CV)
D Scheffe Troop 217 Netami (SO)
C Schoenecke Troop 20 Netami (SO)
C Schroeder Troop 94 Woapalanne (EA)
J Seaman Troop 121 Woapalanne (EA)
D Seely Troop 4417 Nuh Ma Nuh (CT)
L Seely Troop 4417 Nuh Ma Nuh (CT)
R Shanley Troop 78 Woapalanne (EA)
C Shoffner Troop 1 Woapalanne (EA)
T Shoffner Troop 1 Woapalanne (EA)
A Simms Troop 461 Allogagan (CV)
S Simms Troop 461 Allogagan (CV)
J Simon Troop 408 Allogagan (CV)
M Simon Troop 408 Allogagan (CV)
C Skinner Troop 4417 Nuh Ma Nuh (CT)
A Sloan Troop 426 Allogagan (CV)
J Smith Troop 75 Netami (SO)
T Smith District 1 Mekekek Eheliwsikakunk (WP)
G Sneed Troop 4434 Nuh Ma Nuh (CT)
H Soper Troop 21 Woapalanne (EA)
K Soper Troop 21 Woapalanne (EA)
A Soto Troop 226 Woapalanne (EA)
P Staggs Troop 6355 Mekekek Eheliwsikakunk (WP)
D Stearman Troop 461 Allogagan (CV)
N Stephens Troop 77 Woapalanne (EA)
J. L Stipe Troop 121 Woapalanne (EA)
J. F Stipe Troop 121 Woapalanne (EA)
B Stoehr Troop 77 Woapalanne (EA)
G Stone Troop 147 Big Tepee (BT)
A Stucky Troop 349 Woapalanne (EA)
K Terrell Troop 6355 Mekekek Eheliwsikakunk (WP)
R Thiemann Troop 6424 Allogagan (CV)
J Thiemann Troop 6424 Allogagan (CV)
J Thompson Troop 217 Netami (SO)
J Thorp Troop 4175 Sekettummaqua (BB)
P Thorp Troop 4175 Sekettummaqua (BB)
D Townsend Troop 479 Woapalanne (EA)
K Trent Troop 300 Oologah (WR)
B Trower Troop 79 Woapalanne (EA)
G Vann Troop 4176 Sekettummaqua (BB)
C Vaughn Troop 234 Netami (SO)
D Wall Troop 242 Netami (SO)
R Ward Troop 6001 Woapalanne (EA)
R Westrope Troop 94 Woapalanne (EA)
J Wiley Troop 121 Woapalanne (EA)
T Wilkins Troop 242 Netami (SO)
C Williamson Troop 479 Woapalanne (EA)
A Wills Troop 300 Oologah (WR)
C Wolf Troop 78 Woapalanne (EA)
J Wyckoff Troop 479 Woapalanne (EA)
A Zumwalt Troop 6275 Big Tepee (BT)