Congratulations! The below listed Scouts and Scouters have been selected by their units to become members of the Order of the Arrow in 2019. The Order of the Arrow is Scouting's National Honor Society. It recognizes those Scouts and Scouters who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives and seeks to encourage those members to conduct themselves in a manner that justifies receiving this honor. In addition, the Order focuses on leadership development and programs to support Scouting, while striving to instill in all its members a spirit of cheerful service.

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First Initial Last Name Chapter Unit Unit Number
M Aguilar, Jr Sekettummaqua (BB) Troop 4176
L Anderson Woapalanne (EA) Troop 21
R Anderson Woapalanne (EA) Troop 599
C Aneshansley Kittakima (BP) Crew 2111
J Argo Woapalanne (EA) Troop 21
C Arledge Woapalanne (EA) Troop 89
K Arnold Sekettummaqua (BB) Troop 4144
A Baghose Woapalanne (EA) Troop 21
J Baghose Woapalanne (EA) Troop 21
N Baghose Woapalanne (EA) Troop 21
W Baillio Netami (SO) Troop 264
H Balkman Netami (SO) Troop 264
L Bannister Oologah (WR) Troop 390
P Barker Woapalanne (EA) Troop 79
R Bashaw Oologah (WR) Troop 365
K Batten Sekettummaqua (BB) Troop 4158
T Batten Sekettummaqua (BB) Troop 4158
T Battles Netami (SO) Troop 291
A Bell Woapalanne (EA) Troop 349
M Bender Sekettummaqua (BB) Troop 4173
K Bert Oologah (WR) Troop 807
J Bigelow Netami (SO) Troop 264
E Bjorklund Kittakima (BP) Troop 117
S Bjorklund Kittakima (BP) Troop 117
A Blackaby Woapalanne (EA) Troop 77
H Blackman Netami (SO) Troop 217
E Bohanan Oologah (WR) Troop 4338
J Bohanan Oologah (WR) Troop 4338
T Bohanan Oologah (WR) Troop 4338
A Bond Big Tepee (BT) Troop 147
P Borseth Oologah (WR) Troop 389
G Bracken Netami (SO) Troop 17
C Bratton Netami (SO) Troop 233
V Buffo Netami (SO) Troop 582
J Burghart Kittakima (BP) Troop 55
J Burkhart Oologah (WR) Troop 553
J Burkhart Oologah (WR) Troop 553
R Cantrell Sekettummaqua (BB) Troop 4173
R Carattini, III Kittakima (BP) Troop 201
N Carel Netami (SO) Troop 17
B Carter Netami (SO) Troop 20
L Cash Sekettummaqua (BB) Troop 4100
N Castaneda Netami (SO) Troop 223
R Cater Netami (SO) Troop 20
Z Center Big Tepee (BT) Troop 275
E Cervantes Woapalanne (EA) Troop 21
P Clapper Woapalanne (EA) Troop 599
S Cleveland Kittakima (BP) Troop 569
C Coleman Oologah (WR) Crew 2314
C Coleman Oologah (WR) Crew 2314
Conlee Kittakima (BP) Troop 569
C Cook Woapalanne (EA) Troop 177
J Cooper Woapalanne (EA) Troop 21
C Cranford Kittakima (BP) Crew 2111
A Curran Kittakima (BP) Troop 15
P Damani Oologah (WR) Troop 365
C Davis Woapalanne (EA) Troop 79
H Deaton Woapalanne (EA) Troop 21
K Del Nero Netami (SO) Troop 792
B Dennis Oologah (WR) Troop 4338
N Dennis Oologah (WR) Troop 4338
J Difrancesco New Horizons (NH) Troop 1101
R Dillinger Big Tepee (BT) Troop 275
B Dolan Kittakima (BP) Troop 120
T Dolan Kittakima (BP) Troop 120
D Douthitt Kittakima (BP) Troop 201
C Emrich Woapalanne (EA) Troop 89
R Eskind Oologah (WR) Troop 4338
A Estes Netami (SO) Troop 17
C Falk Woapalanne (EA) Troop 79
W Farnsley Woapalanne (EA) Troop 77
D Ford Woapalanne (EA) Troop 850
C Fuentez Mekekek Eheliwsikakunk (WP) Troop 310
J Gearhart Mekekek Eheliwsikakunk (WP) Troop 310
K Gentner Oologah (WR) Troop 4338
C Gilbey Oologah (WR) Troop 807
C Goodman Kittakima (BP) Troop 168
A Gragg Kittakima (BP) Troop 162
C Graham Woapalanne (EA) Troop 89
M Hackett Woapalanne (EA) Troop 77
T Haggard Kittakima (BP) Troop 162
J Hanby Oologah (WR) Troop 390
B Hanthorn Woapalanne (EA) Troop 850
L Harris Moore Oologah (WR) Troop 553
E Harris-Moore Oologah (WR) Troop 553
G Hartman Woapalanne (EA) Troop 21
R Hays Netami (SO) Troop 75
T Hays Woapalanne (EA) Troop 79
A Herman Big Tepee (BT) Troop 147
C Hickman Sekettummaqua (BB) Troop 4100
D Hill Oologah (WR) Troop 4338
R Hill Woapalanne (EA) Troop 77
A Hollingsworth Netami (SO) Troop 217
T Hollingsworth Netami (SO) Troop 217
J Houpt Oologah (WR) Troop 389
E Hulse Kittakima (BP) Troop 201
M Ille Kittakima (BP) Troop 120
W Jameson Kittakima (BP) Troop 569
C Jensen Netami (SO) Troop 264
Johnson Oologah (WR) Troop 807
B Jones Kittakima (BP) Troop 168
C Jones Woapalanne (EA) Troop 850
D Jones Woapalanne (EA) Troop 850
J Jones Netami (SO) Troop 180
S Jones Allogagan (CV) Troop 6461
Kinzer Netami (SO) Troop 291
J Koch Netami (SO) Troop 217
P Koloen Woapalanne (EA) Troop 89
H Lamprecht Woapalanne (EA) Troop 79
E Langmacher Netami (SO) Troop 75
S Latham Netami (SO) Troop 233
I Leroux Sekettummaqua (BB) Troop 4176
J Li Woapalanne (EA) Troop 21
A Littell Woapalanne (EA) Troop 21
I Locke Nuh Ma Nuh (CT) Troop 4417
K Loveless Netami (SO) Troop 20
D Lynch Netami (SO) Troop 582
D McAlister Allogagan (CV) Troop 461
C McCachern Woapalanne (EA) Troop 599
G McCutchan Oologah (WR) Troop 374
C McDowell Woapalanne (EA) Troop 177
K McDowell Woapalanne (EA) Troop 177
D McLean Sekettummaqua (BB) Troop 4144
N Miller Oologah (WR) Troop 807
M Morris Woapalanne (EA) Troop 89
C Morse Woapalanne (EA) Troop 850
G Natcher Oologah (WR) Troop 4338
M Newman Nuh Ma Nuh (CT) Troop 4434
M Nguyen Netami (SO) Troop 180
C Patman Woapalanne (EA) Troop 599
C Pedder Kittakima (BP) Crew 2111
B Prejean Woapalanne (EA) Troop 79
J Pryor Woapalanne (EA) Troop 89
J Purnell New Horizons (NH) Troop 1402
C Quigley Kittakima (BP) Troop 120
J Ramsey Oologah (WR) Troop 374
M Rapson Big Tepee (BT) Troop 275
A Ratke Woapalanne (EA) Troop 79
J Redwine New Horizons (NH) Troop 1101
C Reese Woapalanne (EA) Troop 850
T Rex Netami (SO) Troop 264
W Reynolds Woapalanne (EA) Troop 177
T Rippy Nuh Ma Nuh (CT) Troop 4301
B Robertiello Kittakima (BP) Troop 168
P Robertson Netami (SO) Troop 264
C Robinson Nuh Ma Nuh (CT) Troop 4434
C Rogers New Horizons (NH) Troop 1101
A Rohleder Netami (SO) Troop 20
L Rosa-Berrios Woapalanne (EA) Troop 21
J Rudisill Oologah (WR) Troop 365
T Rudisill, III Oologah (WR) Troop 365
E Ryan Big Tepee (BT) Troop 275
W Sales Sekettummaqua (BB) Troop 4158
T Sams Woapalanne (EA) Troop 850
D Sasseen Sekettummaqua (BB) Troop 4176
G Sayers Netami (SO) Troop 223
C Schaal Sekettummaqua (BB) Troop 4008
G Scott Netami (SO) Troop 242
Scott Sekettummaqua (BB) Troop 4173
C Shaffer Woapalanne (EA) Troop 850
C Siefke Oologah (WR) Troop 374
E Siefke Oologah (WR) Troop 374
Z Skinner Nuh Ma Nuh (CT) Troop 4417
G Smith Woapalanne (EA) Troop 850
M Smith Allogagan (CV) Troop 461
Z Sowers Oologah (WR) Troop 4338
H Spoering Nuh Ma Nuh (CT) Troop 4434
R Spoering Nuh Ma Nuh (CT) Troop 4434
J Standridge Nuh Ma Nuh (CT) Troop 4417
G Stearman Allogagan (CV) Troop 461
C Stephens Woapalanne (EA) Troop 77
D Stover Oologah (WR) Troop 807
K Teel Kittakima (BP) Troop 15
L Tevebaugh Oologah (WR) Troop 553
J Thomas Oologah (WR) Troop 374
G Turner Kittakima (BP) Troop 120
L Van Zanten Big Tepee (BT) Troop 275
L Vanderlinde Oologah (WR) Troop 807
G Vann Sekettummaqua (BB) Troop 4176
C Vincent Oologah (WR) Troop 4338
R Wafford Woapalanne (EA) Troop 89
D Walker Mekekek Eheliwsikakunk (WP) Troop 310
K Walker Mekekek Eheliwsikakunk (WP) Troop 310
D Wall Netami (SO) Troop 242
D Walton Oologah (WR) Troop 553
L Weber Woapalanne (EA) Troop 89
A Weingart Woapalanne (EA) Troop 349
R Wetmore Netami (SO) Troop 291
N Womble Oologah (WR) Troop 807
J Wyckoff Woapalanne (EA) Troop 479
C York Oologah (WR) Troop 4338
W Young Oologah (WR) Troop 374